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“THE GAP: APRIL 2025” is a God inspired prayer initiative to mobilize multiplied hundreds of thousands of born again Christians across the United States to petition God for the healing of the land of the current unfolding global drought, of the global record breaking heat, and of this global pandemic (Covid-19).


Should the church in America fail to step up to the plate, God has revealed that the following consequences will follow:

1. This drought will become the worst drought ever, resulting in the worst starvation in human history.

2. Temperatures will keep rising globally with related consequences in tow.

3. This pandemic will keep raging and taking lives.

4. There will be mass layoffs globally.


The time to avert ALL the above is NOW.  However , the window is closing fast.


Please, let us humble ourselves to pray. Register for “The Gap: April 2025”

THE GAP 2024


Thanks for registering to our event.

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