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The following is a brief excerpt of a letter I sent to several pastors in multiple U.S. states in 2019. GOD’S NEXT MOVE IS ALREADY HERE ( DECEMBER 31, 2019). I have made a habit of proclaiming these signs on Facebook at least three months in advance. The reason why I use Facebook is because if one edits anything on there it shows that you edited it. All the twenty plus signs are still on Facebook - unedited. All have come to pass. In March 2016 I started posting on Facebook that God was going to give a sign in the Chicago metro area between May 8 and May 14 2016. Here is the Facebook post copied and pasted for you: Lawrence M. Banda John 10:37, 38. "If I do not do THE WORKS of my Father, do not believe Me; but if I do, though you do not believe Me, believe THE WORKS ... " Jesus tells the Jews that if they found it unpalatable to believe HIS WORDS, they should instead believe THE WORKS. The works of God impact our five senses. One does not need to be spiritual to see GOD'S WORKS. Every time I do an outreach, a few days prior to that outreach, His Presence will ALWAYS manifest in these forms; Powerful wind gusts, Dark clouds, Lightnings and Thunderings, heavy rain/snow, Temperature plunges, FOG .... Having a hard time believing my words? Mark your calendar! Between May 8 and May 14 2016, God will manifest His Presence over Chicagoland.... He commanded me from Isaiah 40:9.... God has begun rapping up His end time harvest with these powerful manifestations. Yes, "... Behold your God!" (Is.40:9). Now, here is how it was fulfilled: This picture below ( courtesy of ABC7 Eyewitness News) was taken on May 11 2016. The Willis Tower, located in downtown Chicago (in this picture) is the 2nd tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. It is 110 stories high. Here it is completely covered with fog except for a little tip on top. You can also view the accompanying video clip here:

Remember that three months earlier I had said this would be a sign from God that this revival was here. This manifestation will cover the earth between October 9 and 16, 2022. All the world’s media outlets will cover this phenomenon. This is phenomenon will mark the fulfillment of Tabernacles. Numbers 14:21.

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