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The Passover Week Signs(April 15 - April 22)

I posted repeatedly on FACEBOOK from January 2022 that this year's Passover week was not going to be your regular Passover. I said there would be signs WORLDWIDE. I led a 70 day prayer meeting in which I taught what these signs would signify: the fulfillment of the feast of Tabernacles in 2022 was imminent. Passover week was from April 15 through April 22. Here below is a snippet of some of what happened during the Passover week:

1) SPAIN (April 20, 2022).

On Wednesday, April 20 2022 Span got another taste of winter weather as the country recorded the heaviest snowfall for April in the last 20 years.


These three states, including parts of Canada, found themselves digging out of a historic blizzard (snowmaggedon) that pummeled the region during this Passover week.

3) CALIFORNIA (April 22, 2022).

The state saw some eye -popping snowfall totals. 28 inches fell in 24 hours, and 58 inches in 1 week in the Lake Tahoe area.

4) NORTHEAST USA (April 18, 2022).

A rare, late-season Nor'easter brought heavy April snow (up to 18 inches) to the Northeast, especially in Pennsylvania and upstate New York. April snow events in this region happen about once or twice in a decade.


According to Wikipedia, at least 450 people have been reported dead from the flooding that resulted from a rare storm. The storms hit the nation on April 8 and were over on April 13. The effects however, spilled into Passover week and beyond.

6) FIRE RAINBOWS (South Carolina, USA). April 16, 2022.

Western North Carolina residents were treated to a colorful atmospheric phenomenon on the afternoon of Apr. 15, Good Friday, called a Fire Rainbow. It wasn't a rainbow, but it was a brilliant atmospheric display that had residents doing a double take when they saw it in the sky (By Jesse Ferrell, AccuWeather meteorologist and senior weather editor.

7) HEAVENLY FIREWORKS (Northern Hemisphere). April 21, 2022

iThe Lyrid meteor shower ended the "meteor drought", the period between January and mid - April when no meteor showers light up the sky. This meteor shower peaked around midnight on April 21/22

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