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I posted on Facebook on August 18 that China would be shaken between October 17 and November 30, 2022. China has been rocked since November 24, 2022. Last week on Tuesday (December 27th), I posted this on Facebook:

“By the end of February 2023 the Vatican will have been shaken.”

On Saturday, December 31, 2023, Pope Benedict died. The Vatican has been shaken.

There will be little rain globally in 2023 leading to shortages of food items on the shelves of even the most affluent nations.

The pharmaceutical industry will be shaken and we will start seeing a shortage of drugs, something that is unthinkable right now.

A major nation will be embarrassed in 2023 because some individuals will maliciously dump a trove of governmental confidential communications into the public domain. Remember Wikileaks?

There are more shakings to follow. To receive updates and how these are being fulfilled, download our ministry App “RPGM” from the App Store. The App is now available for every device.

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