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Lawrence and his wife Liz, are the founders of Royal Priesthood Global Ministries inc. They have two adult children, a son (Hesed) and a daughter (Chen).
In 2011, God spoke to pastor Lawrence in a night vision, showing him a Bible verse that would become the message of God’s next move. God showed him that this move would spread from the United States to the rest of the world. 
In 2016, Lawrence and Liz felt led by the Lord to leave the church that they had pioneered and pastored in Overland Park, a suburb of Kansas City, Kansas, to relocate their ministry to Chicago. 
Today, at God’s instruction, Liz and Lawrence are solely focused on fulfilling this new mandate from God. 
Since 2014, God has had them proclaim more than forty signs that have come to pass. 
God has finally instructed Lawrence to mobilize Christians in the United States for this event titled “THE GAP: APRIL 2025” for God to manifest His glory, not only to the United States, but to all the nations as well. 



In the Spring of 2010, God spoke to Pastor Lawrence that He wanted to reveal new things to him. He broke this news to the elders of the church he was pastoring at that time in Overland Park, Kansas. He, the elders, and the rest of the church immediately began seeking the Lord in concerted prayer, every Friday and Saturday, about this. On February 1, 2011, after nine months of uninterrupted praying, the Lord responded to their prayers by giving Lawrence a night vision.


In that vision Pastor Lawrence saw himself sitting in the kitchen, upstairs in their house, in Blue Springs, Missouri. A few minutes later he heard someone rushing upstairs. It was his wife, Liz. She handed him a book, with the words, “VOX DEI” emblazoned on the cover,


“Does this look familiar to you?” his wife Liz asked in that vision.


Of course, it looked familiar. This was the Bible he’d picked up at a garage sale in the Spring of 1998, in Maryland Heights, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. It became his favorite Bible. Although the title was in Latin, the Bible text itself was in English (NIV). But for some reason, the Bible had gone missing for eleven years. In that period, the memory of the Vox Dei Bible had completely vanished from Lawrence’s memory.


When I opened the Vox Dei Bible in my vision, my eyes effortlessly fell on a highlighted scripture. From that highlighted scripture, three distinct pictures instantly popped up. Then I heard the Lord say, ‘This scripture is the message of my next move that will spread all over the world.’ The Lord assured me that Liz would find that Vox Dei Bible that I hadn’t seen around the house in eleven years.”.


"When I got up in the morning," Lawrence said, "I wrote down in my journal all the details of the vision but I didn’t say a word to Liz or to any mortal. I knew the vision would come to pass.


"April 10, 2011, was a Sunday.  Lawrence was sitting in the kitchen after church while Liz decided to do some cleaning downstairs to keep busy. A few minutes later, he heard Liz rushing upstairs. She had a book in her hand which she quickly gave to Lawrence with the question, “Does this look familiar to you?” It was the VOX DEI Bible. He was stunned!""


Without a word he walked to the bedroom and found the journal where he’d written on February 1 what had just unfolded.


There were several highlighted scriptures in that Bible, but his eyes soon fell on the one the Lord had told him about. The scripture was 1 Chronicles 21:26: “And David built there an altar to the LORD, and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings, and called on the LORD; and He answered him from heaven by fire on the altar of burnt offering.”



 When Lawrence saw this scripture, three distinct pictures instantly popped up, just as the Lord had shown him in the vision.




Did you realize that centuries earlier, Abraham had sacrificed Isaac on this very spot? (Genesis 22:2). This is picture 1.


Centuries later, David was commanded by God to offer his sacrifice on the same spot 

(1 Chronicles 21:18). This is picture 2.


Solomon was directed by David to build God’s temple on this spot (2 Chronicles 3:1). This is picture 3.

The first picture speaks of The Passover Feast, which was fulfilled in the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The second picture speaks of The Feast of Pentecost, which was fulfilled when the Holy Spirit was poured out on the day of Pentecost.

The third picture speaks of The Feast of Tabernacles. The fulfillment of Tabernacles is now upon the body of Jesus Christ worldwide. This is the message in the vision that God revealed to me. The Bible sometimes refers to Tabernacles as ‘God’s Rest.’ It is here, in the midst of the shakings worldwide (Hebrews 12:26). 

Just as Passover and Pentecost had signs, Tabernacles has its own signs too. The blood is the sign for Passover, fire for Pentecost. The sign for Tabernacles is the cloud. The sign is here!!

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The Bible is our all-sufficient rule for faith and practice.
Section 1. The Scripture Inspired. The Scripture, both the Old and New Testaments are verbally inspired of God and are the revelation of God to man, the infalible, authoritative rule of faith and conduct ( II Tim. 3:15-17; I Thes. 2:13; II Peter 1:21).
Section 2. The One True God.  The one true God has revealed Himself as the eternally self-existent "I AM,"  the Creator of heaven and earth and the Redeemer of mankind. He has further revealed Himself as embodying  the principles of relationship and association as Father, Son, and Hold Spirit ( Deut. 6:4; Isaiah 43:10, 11; Matt. 28:19; Luke 3:22). 
Section 3. The Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Lord Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God. The Scripture declares; (a) His Virgin birth ( Matt. 1:23; Luke 1:31, 35). (b) His sinless life (Heb. 7:26; I Peter 2:22). (c) His miracles ( Acts 2:22, 10: 38). (d) His substitutionary work on the cross ( I Cor. 15:3; II Cor. 5:21). (e) His bodily  resurrection from the dead ( Matt. 28:6, Luke 24:39; I Cor. 15:4). (f) His exaltation to the right hand of God ( Acts.1:9, 11; 2:33, Phil. 2: 9-11; Heb. 1-3).
Section 4. The Salvation of Man.  Man's only hope of redemption is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ the Son of God.
Section 5. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit.  All believers are entitled to and should ardently expect and earnestly seek the promise of the Father, the baptism in the Holy Spirit and fire, according to the command of our Lord Jesus Christ. This was the normal exprerience of all in the early Christian Church. With it comes the endowment of power for life and service, the bestowment of gifts and their uses in the work of the ministry ( Luke 24:49; Acts 1:4, 8; I Cor. 12:1-13).  This experience is distinct from and subsequent to the experience of the new birth ( Acts 8:17; 10:44-46; 11:14-16; 15:7-9). With the baptism in the Holy Spirit come such reverence for God ( Acts 2:43; Heb. 12:28), and a more active love for Christ, for His Word and for the lost ( Mark 16:20). 
Section 6. The Evidence of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.  The baptism of believers in the Holy Spirit is witnessed by the intital physical sign of speaking with other toungues as the Spirtit of God gives them utterance ( Acts 2:4). The speaking in tounges in this instance is the same in essence as the gift of tongues ( I Cor. 12:4-10, 28), but different in the purpose and use. 
Section 7. Divine Healing.  Divine healing is an integral part of the gospel. Deliverance form sickness is provided for in the atonement, and is the privilege of all believers ( Isaiah 53:4, 5; Matt. 8:16, 17; James 5: 14-16).
Section 8.The Millennial Reign of Christ. The second coming of Christ includes the rapture of the saints, which is our blessed hope, followed by the visible return of Christ with His saints to reign on the earth for one thousand years (Zech. 14:5; Matt. 24:27,30; Rev. 1:7; 19:11 - 14; 20:1 - 6). The Millennial reign will bring the salvation of national Israel (Ezekiel 37:21,22; Zeph.3:19,20; Rom.11:26,27) and the establishment of universal peace (Isaiah 11:6 - 9; Psalms 72:3 - 8; Micah 4:3,4).
Section 9. The Final Judgment. There will be a final judgment in which the wicked dead will be raised and judged according to their works. Whoever is not found written in the Book of Life, together with the devil and his angels, the beast and the false prophet, will be consigned to everlasting punishment in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death (Matt.25:46; Mark 9:43 - 48; Rev. 19:20; 20:11 - 15; 21:8).
Section 10. The New Heavens and the New Earth. “We, according to His promise look for new heavens and new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness” (2 Peter 3:13; Rev.21:22).

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